About Us

Our brand is built on a simple code of values, LIVE WELL.

The letters in that phrase stand for eight core values:

  1. Lifestyle

  2. Integrity

  3. Visionary

  4. Enrichment

  5. World Class

  6. Enthusiasm

  7. Leadership

  8. Laughter

We hope to expose this industry to the masses and enhance our love for being outdoors. The NE Outdoor Living and Garden show will feature many innovative experiences.

The Event

To walk you through the event, envision yourself walking through our garden area. Featuring 10 highly executed gardens that will allow guests to immediately be entered into an oasis and immersed in the experience. All of our gardens will recreate a backyard paradise, showcase the potential of pools, walk you through innovative patios, demonstrate well designed walls and planter beds that all can be created at your own home.

Our designers are eager to interact with visitors to share their knowledge & story of the creative process. The garden themes will include: Backyard Barbeque, Wedding, Glamping Garden, Pet Garden, Night Oasis among others. As guests explore each garden, they will awaken their senses with featured tastings each day based on the theme of the space. Working with local chefs to promote the region and food from their establishment, guests can enjoy mouth watering tastings from the corresponding themes: (Friday) New Hampshire/Maine day, (Saturday) Vermont /Connecticut day, (Sunday) Rhode Island/Massachusetts day.

We are a boutique show and will showcase only 70 high quality vendors from all over New England. We will create "stores": Culinary Corner (This area will feature vendors that support outdoor cooking and dining and be decorated as a high end gourmet kitchen), Accessory Alley (This store will feature all things garden related and be themed like an outdoor marketplace), Furniture Showcase (This space will feature innovative garden furniture designers. The guests can try furniture pieces in a relaxed atmosphere and purchase one of a kind items).

We will also offer other experiences such as: Master Classes and Demonstrations, Date Night, Happy Hours, Beer Garden and a meet and greet VIP event with Guest Alex Guarnaschelli from Chopped and Iron Chef.