Garden Themes

You will be walking through gorgeous high-end outdoor backyard and rooftop garden ideas turned into a realistic, indoor display. You will be warm and indoors, but you will most likely forget that you are! As you walk through the beautiful gardens, you will meet artists representing each New England state. They will walk you throught their display, share their knowledge and the story of their creative process. You will have the ability to purchase their unique items, and learn from their designers.The garden themes will include: Backyard Barbeque, Wedding, Glamping Garden, Pet Garden, Night Oasis among others. As guests explore each garden, they will awaken their senses with featured tastings each day based on the theme of the space. Working with local chefs to promote the region and food from their establishment, guests can enjoy mouth watering tastings from the corresponding themes: (Friday) New Hampshire/Maine day, (Saturday) Vermont /Connecticut day, (Sunday) Rhode Island/Massachusetts day.

Beer Garden

Backyard BBQ

Night Oasis

Pet Garden

Meditation Garden


Showcase Garden


Sustainable Garden